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  • Mooneh? I no see you in forever! Where you been? D88 I miss you <333333

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  • Mooncavern, how do i create a character? i really want to but how?

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  • Hey, I just looked at PetalClan's page, and there wasn't anything about LilyClan. Thank you, and let me know if there's anything about it on the wiki. And since I'm Lilywing, I wondered if it was okay if I could be leader.

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    • To make the site and the stories from the RP run smoothly there will be only the four clans Petalclan, Fireclan, Ivyclan, and Darkclan. Since Lilyclan isn't a clan all of its cats will be placed into Petalclan instead.

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  • DarkClan's camp lies deep within a cave, hidden away from the sun, moon, and enemy cats. Tunnels branching off from the main cavern lead into a dizzying array of dead ends, passages to the surface, and sometimes, right into enemy territory. DarkClan's aboveground territory consists of sparsely wooded forest, with a small stream forming the border between it and PetalClan.The diet of DarkClan cats consists of the lizards and moles that live within the caves, as well as any birds, animals, or fish found on the surface.

    PetalClan makes its home in a meadow that blossoms with hundreds of flowers in the spring and summer. The open nature of the territory makes prey harder to come by and the camp harder to hide, but the vast array of flora in the area have provided PetalClan with nearly limitless medicines and herbs, some completely unknown to other clans, and all essential. This gives PetalClan a bit of an edge in negotiations. Despite this edge, PetalClan tried to keep its camp as well hidden as possible, tucking it away in a patch of brambles woven through with flowers. The diet of PetalClan cats subsists of rabbits found in the meadows, and fish from the small stream that forms its border with DarkClan.

    IvyClan is located within a section of forest so old, the trunks of its trees are covered in ivy. The cats of IvyClan have, as such, become quite adept at climbing the ivy trellises. This makes them masters of ambush and allows them to capture young birds from their nests. IvyClan cats also subsist on the squirrels that fill their forest home. Their camp is made in a patch of ivy so thick and lush, it kills the trees it covers and provides near darkness within. The only light that reaches the camp falls through a small hole in the ivy, which illuminates the center of the camp and aligns perfectly with the noontime sun.

    It was said that, in the beginning, FireClan was lead to its territory by a fiery rock that fell from the sky. The rock fell into the middle of what is now its territory, forming a huge hole in the ground and scorching the surrounding Earth. It is in this hole that FireClan makes its camp. Outside the scorched perimeter of the camp, dry grasses grow, with groves of trees here and there. FireClan's diet is typically made not of rabbits, as expected, but birds which fill the groves and eat from the grass.

    Sevenlogs: Sevenlogs resides in a clearing free of all but the sparest, shortest of grasses, and ringed in a circle made of seven fallen, moldering logs. Upon the highest log, the Clan leaders gather to speak. The clearing itself is ringed in ancient oaks that tower over the place, giving an air of simultaneous mystery and safety.

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  • Name: Brightpelt

    Gender: she-cat

    Clan (from Warriors): ThunderClan

    Clan (from RP): IvyClan

    Rank (from Warriors): warrior

    Rank (from RP): kit

    Build: light gray she-cat with dark stripes, fairly skinny

    Mother: Feathernose

    Father: Nightshade

    Sisters: Moonpaw (half), Rookpaw, Shellpaw, Winterpaw Brothers: Thistlepaw, Boulderkit (deceased)

    Mate: N/A

    Kits: N/A

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  • Character Description

    Name: Robintail

    Gender: Female

    Clan (from Warriors): ThunderClan

    Clan (from RP): ThunderClan

    Rank (from Warriors): Warrior

    Rank (from RP): Warrior

    Build: A slender, deep brown cat with a red tail and a single auburn paw.

    Mother: Deceased. I forget the name at the moment...

    Father: Thornstar, the former leader of ThunderClan. Deceased

    Sisters: Snowblossom, though they have been separated since birth.

    Brothers: None

    Mate: None (yet...)

    Kits: None yet

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  • Name:Foxtail


    Clan (from Warriors):Riverclan

    Clan (from RP):Darkclan

    Rank (from Warriors):Warrior

    Rank (from RP):Deputy

    Build:Orange colored peltwith Hazel colored eyes and Thorn sharp claws.







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  • Nightwhisper of Ninjaclan : A light grey tabby tom with with light blue eyes, thorn sharp claws and a torn ear. Emeraldrock of Ninjaclan :A greenish light colored Tom with Hazel colored eyes and Thorn sharp claws.

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